Mark Crowe
Mark Crowe has dedicated over 32 years of his life to public safety for Bryan County with 22 of those
years in law enforcement. From serving as an EMT/Paramedic, volunteer firefighter to the Chief of Police for the Pembroke Police Department, Mark is now taking the next step of a lifelong dream by running as a candidate to become the sheriff of Bryan County.

Mark has lived in Bryan County for 50 years. He and his wife Becky have been married for 30 years and are active members in the Pembroke Christian Church, where Mark currently serves as Elder. Mark is also the chairman of the Canoochee Round Up Foundation and a member of both North Bryan and Richmond Hill/Bryan Chamber of Commerce. They have three children, Caitlin, Cody and Cameron and three beautiful grandchildren, who inspire Mark to ensure Bryan County is the safest place to work, live and play in Georgia.
Safety of our Children
The safety of our children should be the number one priority. That is why it is so troubling that only 2 of our 10-county run public schools currently have a full time Bryan County Deputy assigned to safeguard them.

As Sheriff, I Mark Crowe will work with the Bryan County Board of Education to assign a School Resource Officer (SRO) to every public school in Bryan County. There is no excuse not to use our every resource to protect our children.

As a parent, when you drop your precious ones off at school and head to work, you should have the assurance that your child’s life is being protected.
The Opioid/Drug Crisis
As Sheriff, I will re-establish a full time Narcotics Division, consisting of several officers, to focus on the ever-growing drug issues that are plaguing and destroying our communities. Presently, there is one Narcotics Officer county wide, who is currently
assigned to a State-run unit that is operating outside of Bryan County.

Stopping the spread of life-destroying drugs in Bryan County should be our focus, not
concentrating on every other area of South Georgia, especially when Bryan County ranks
among the worst in the South East in Opioid abuse and Opioid related deaths.

Panel sheds light on Bryan County opioid crisis

Public Relations
As Sheriff of Bryan County, I will work to strengthen the relationships with adjacent Law
Enforcement Divisions, County and City Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical
Services, in order to provide the citizens of Bryan County with the best possible, most
well-trained public safety personnel, working in unity, that is available.
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